Giving a Watch as a Gift (And What it Means)

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A watch is a timeless gift (pun intended). Watches have yet go out of fashion and we always need to tell the time. Many thought with the advent of mobile phones, watches would become obsolete.

What these people failed to realize is a timepiece is a functional accessory. A watch can complement an outfit, display status and even become a family heirloom, past from one generation to the next.

But is there a deeper meaning to giving a loved one a watch as a gift?

The answer to this question is somewhat subjective across countries and cultures. However, if there is one thing in common, it’s that giving a watch as a gift represents a special moment in time.

In this article, we explore the meaning of giving a watch as a gift and which GYLLEN timepiece will be ideal for your loved one.

A Business Gift

Giving a watch is an extremely personal and intimate gesture. It’s not often given to a client, business partner or colleague. But this is what makes giving a watch as a business gift so special. If you want to celebrate an important milestone, a watch is the perfect symbolic gesture.

GYLLEN Watches are elegant and sophisticated, the perfect gift for a Powerful Woman.

A Graduation Gift

Giving a watch as a graduation gift is symbolic of two things. The first signifies the moment in time when your friend or loved one achieved something great. It’s the culmination of years of hard work and dedication.

The second piece of symbolism is where one chapter is complete, a new one begins. It’s a gift they can draw on for inspiration and confidence when starting a new job or business.

An Engagement or Marriage Gift

An engagement watch gift is romantic and poetic. The watch signifies your time together as a couple. GYLLEN watches are particularly special because we incorporate the symbol of infinity on all our watches. By giving a GYLLEN watch you are expressing your commitment of endless or infinite love.

Our watches come in gold, white gold and rose gold, so you’re bound to find a GYLLEN watch to match your lady’s engagement or wedding ring.


GYLLEN watch in boxWhen a woman wears a GYLLEN timepiece, it gives her a feeling of power and confidence. Don’t take our word for it (here’s what our happy customers have to say). Our watches are designed to empower woman. We have taken great care to design a watch that’s timeless yet contemporary, powerful yet subtle and stylish with clean minimalist beauty.

So, which GYLLEN Watch do you choose for that special person in your life? GYLLEN Watches are available in six different styles in three types of gold. Here’s a guide to help you choose the right one.

  • White gold represents a strong bond or friendship - Great for a corporate gift, graduation, momentous milestone or as a gift to a friend.
  • Yellow gold represents fidelity which is why it’s often given as a wedding or engagement rings - The perfect wedding, engagement or anniversary gift.
  • Rose gold represents passion and true love - Perfect for Valentines Day or as a special gift to your partner.

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