Infinity Meaning in Yoga, Meditation and Spirituality

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In April 2019, we posted an article about the meaning of infinity. In that article, we briefly touched on the relation between infinity in yoga, meditation, and spirituality.

We found many examples where infinity is linked to religious or spiritual practices. We decided to share three examples of infinity in yoga, meditation, and spirituality which resonated most with us here at GYLLEN.

If you practice yoga, then infinity will be especially meaningful for you. Infinity or the figure of 8 represents oneness with ourselves and the universe. It is referenced many times in yoga and meditation practices.

The infinity symbol reminds us of balance, focus, harmony, and peace.


Ananta, which means 'endless' or 'limitless', was the serpent of infinity who took on human form as Patanjali to teach others the practice of yoga.

Ananta is also linked to the ancient religion of Jainism or Jain Dharma.

In Jainism, every living form is made up of four key elements:

  • Ananta-gyana (Endless Knowledge)
  • Ananta-darshana (Endless Perception)
  • Ananta-caritra (Endless Consciousness)
  • Ananta-sukha (Endless Bliss)

Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini is considered one of the most intense forms of yoga. The practice incorporates challenging yoga poses combined with chanting. Participants often leave a Kundalini class as if they’ve just completed an intense workout.

One of the Kundalini mantras is called SA TA NA MA. SA TA NA MA combines the mantra with seated meditation and movement of the hands. The mantra can be broken down as follows:

  • SA - infinity
  • TA - life
  • NA - death or transformation
  • MA - rebirth

Kundalini teachers recommend SA TA NA MA as a morning practice, especially if you are having difficult feelings or emotions.

Spiritual Pathways to Healing

Healing and self-healing are utilized in alternative medicines, yoga, meditation, and other spiritual practices. The figure of 8 is often used to illustrate the flow of energy or the yin and yang within us.

Another form of spiritual healing talks at the relationship between ourselves and intelligent infinity which is essentially the power of God within us. In many religions, God is referred to as an infinite being because he is believed to have no beginning or end.

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