The Infinity Symbol in Pop Culture

Tattoo artist tattooing young woman

The infinity symbol has recently (since late 2017) made a strong come back. The last time we say this much fuss around the figure of 8 symbols was between 2009 and 2014 with the infinity tattoo craze.

As one tattoo artist put it in an interview from Vice, “...the infinity symbol is like the tribal armband of our day and age.”

It’s hardly surprising the infinity symbol is such a popular tattoo. It’s elegant, minimalist and can be personalized to hold a specific meaning for each person. These are some of the most popular infinity tattoos ladies like to get.

Infinity Feather Tattoo

The infinity feather is one of the most popular figure-of-8 tattoos. The feather can hold a few meanings including free spirit, floating or flying and even letting fate choose your path. The type of feather can also hold meaning.

Some of the more common feathers are those from eagles, peacocks, seagulls, Phoenixes, or owls. In some cases, a word or name may be incorporated in one of the loops for even more meaning or personalization.

Infinity Heart Tattoo

The infinity heart tattoo is symbolism for endless or infinite love. This could be love for a partner, animal or simply a love for the universe. The infinity symbol is intertwined with the heart to represent a close bond or intimacy. Some people often incorporate a loved one's name in one of the infinity loops as a display of their commitment or that they’ll never forget someone who has passed.

Infinity Cross Tattoo

An infinity cross tattoo often symbolizes someone’s commitment to their religion, Christianity in particular. The infinity cross can be two infinity symbols crossing to make a crucifix or, the figure of 8 just on the horizontal.

Infinity Angel Wing Tattoo

The infinity angel wing tattoo usually represents a loved one who has passed or protection from negativity in the world, however, there are many other reasons people choose this tattoo. In some cases, religious people will get an infinity angel wing tattoo to represent guardian angels or heaven.

Infinity Celtic Tattoo

The infinity Celtic tattoo is especially popular in Ireland as this is where the Celtics are from. However, due to the tattoos complex meaning and personalization, infinity Celtic tattoos are popular across many cultures around the world.

The infinity Celtic knot design represents spiritual infinity and immortality but can be personalized to mean something meaningful to a specific individual.

GYLLEN Infinity Watch

Woman wearing a GYLLEN watchThese exquisite timepieces come in six different styles and three different types of gold. Our watches are designed to be subtlely beautiful to add a touch of class to any outfit. If you’re not one for tattoos but want to incorporate the infinity symbol with your look, then why not choose a GYLLEN Watch from our Limited Edition Collection.

Choose from yellow gold, white gold or rose gold to match your mood or outfit.

  • White gold - strong bond or friendship
  • Yellow gold - represents fidelity
  • Rose gold represents passion and true love

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