∞ Infinity Symbol Meaning in Modern Times


What does the infinity symbol mean?

The concept of infinity has been used for centuries all over the world with a different meaning and interpretation to everyone. The infinity symbol, also known as the lemniscate, eternity sign or forever symbol, is one of the few signs that are both gracefully simplistic and has a profound meaning. It’s represented as an infinite loop that looks like an 8.

In jewellery, infinity most commonly symbolizes eternity, empowerment, and everlasting eternal love in a relationship. In meditation and more spiritual meaning, it is used to remind you of balance, focus, harmony, peace, and oneness.

To GYLLEN it expresses eternal boundlessness and that there’s no limitation to anything in life. A connection with your inner-self, to always live in the present and create special moments.

Why special moments? Because in the end, these are the times you will cherish. These are the minutes that counts. These are the memories that last till infinity. The rest simply fades away.

This article will explain everything you need to know about the meaning of infinity, what it symbolizes and its history. 

Infinity Symbol Meaning

Throughout the centuries in various religions and cultures, the infinity symbol has been used to represent different concepts and ideas. It was first used in mathematics, where it was referred to something with no bound, no limit, no beginning nor end. In modern times, it represents the universe as an ongoing and continuous entity. It reminds us that everything is evolving and are in constant motion. That everything on Earth is united in the same cycle of life. However, some are still drawn to infinity from its ancient understanding as the symbol of perfection, duality, and empowerment.

The English word Infinity comes from Latin “Infinitum”. Infinitum comes from “Infinitas”, which means “Boundlessness”.

The Popularity of Infinity Symbols in Fashion

Given its powerful meaning, the infinity symbol has become one of the fastest growing global fashion trends around. Mainly due to its beautiful meanings, but also because of it's simplistic, elegant and sophisticated look. It makes a great addition to any type of outfit and can add that extra sentimental touch to your style that people tend to ask and want to chat to about.


The common saying “Time Flies” is a term we, here at GYLLEN had written down on our post-it notes while making our watches. Why? Because time really does fly. It’s so fast. And so you tend to forget how important is to actually take a step back, focus on living in the moment and capturing the real life around you.

In order to capture those special moments, which essentially becomes your great memories, you need to be focusing on the present. However, it's not that simple to just remind yourself to live in the present. Especially not in a world full of social media and constantly updated real-life mobile notifications.

Now, since you by default wonder what time it is several times a day, we wanted to create a classic watch that did more than just telling you the time. The GYLLEN watch does tell you the time but also remind you to focus on the present, relax, take a deep breath and focus on living now. To remind you that life is full of infinite possibilities and has unlimited potential. That anything is possible.

Also to note, giving an infinity symbol as a gift to someone means everlasting eternal love between you and the person you gift it to.


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