The Powerful Woman Who Wear Gyllen Watches


It’s been a little over a year since GYLLEN was born. We wanted to create a brand which designed elegant, stylish watches but at the same time inspire woman to see the infinite possibilities life has to offer.

In the space of a year, we have exceeded our own expectations and the positive feedback and love for our Limited Edition Collection has been overwhelming.

To show our appreciation, we have decided to dedicate this article to showcase some of the amazing women who support our brand and take the time to let us and others know about it.

Strength, Infinite Possibilities and Unlimited Potential

Matilda from Sweden is one of the most incredible testimonials we have received. Matilda has struggled with Cervical Dystonia, an incurable neurological disorder that affects the central nervous system.

This neurological disorder has brought Matilda much pain during the course of her life, however, she has the power and strength to get up each day and try to live a “normal” life.

Matilda uses her GYLLEN Watch as an anchor to tap into her courage each time she’s experiencing difficulty.

“Every time I look down on my watch, it makes me want to fight further and think positively about it all, as the messages it gives me are infinite possibilities and unlimited potential. That nothing is impossible.”

We’re humbled that our brand message is being used as a source of strength and inspiration. Her story inspires us to work harder to deliver an excellent product and service to all of our amazing supporters.

Wishes, Memories and Infinite Possibilities

Woman wearing a GYLLEN WatchSo often we think of watches and jewelry as inanimate objects. “Things” with no life or meaning. But this couldn’t be further from the truth.

A watch can be passed down from one generation to the next. When you’re wearing a timepiece your mother, grandmother or even great grandmother wore, it can bring comfort knowing that in some way they are with you at all times. If nothing else, looking at the heirloom can bring back fond memories of precious moments in time spent together.

This is what Darja’s GYLLEN watch means to her. While it’s not a family heirloom, it does remind Darja of her father, upon receiving his personal belongings in the hospital after an accident, one of which was his watch. Intact and unscathed.

Incredibly, Darja’s father survived and enjoys walking his dog and living life each day. Darja bought a GYLLEN Watch to remind her of the day she almost lost her father and how precious our time with loved ones truly is.

“And my watch is part of me, my silent friend, who remembers me daily, to live my life fully, fearlessly and to create memories that I will remember forever…”

What Memories Will Your GYLLEN Watch Hold?

Whether you’re buying a GYLLEN Watch for yourself or a loved one, make an effort to define what this timepiece will mean to you or your loved one.

Draw power and inspiration from the infinity symbol knowing that anything is possible and our time on this planet is precious

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  • Darja

    Oh my dear GYLLEN family, you guys bring tears to my eyes… Such a beautiful article and I can’t describe how moved I am to be part of it… It is my pleasure and i am honoured ❤️ Love Darja.

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