∞ GYLLEN Watch Touched Laila's Heart, But Why?


We are blessed to live in a world filled with truly creative minds. This inherently means that there are many beautiful timepieces available on the market. So why exactly did I buy a watch from GYLLEN? Why did it not only grab my attention but also touch my heart?

Well, here's a spoiler: it's in the details. In creating their first collection, they weren't just creating a contemporary luxury watch, they were also sharing a truly important message.

Their message is captured by the infinity symbol, present on every watch. It might come across as just a small visual detail for many among us, but for me, it means a lot more than that, and I would love to share why with you.


Through the last few years, my family has faced unspeakable hardship and loss. I met this amazing man with whom I fell desperately in love, and our wedding was a true fairy tale. But then lightning struck, multiple times. We lost our firstborn daughter, Sahar, halfway through the pregnancy. In an instant, everything just shattered. The world went from a beautiful home to a scary and dark place.

Loss and grief hit us even harder with the passing of my husband's grandmother and my mom, just a few months after our daughter passed. It took me quite some time to come to terms with this new life, to find myself again and remember that even through such unspeakable loss, the world could still be a beautiful place.


The thing about grief is, it shatters your world in such a way that you instantly let go of all the things that generally take up way too much energy in our day to day life: our work title, the clothes we wear and the cars we drive, the opinions other people have about us, even the energy we waste getting angry in traffic. In essence, it forces us to redefine what's important and truly meaningful in life. You might have guessed it: it's in the little things.

While I struggled with grief and depression, I rethought so many things about my life, what was important to me, how I wanted to live it. I had to slowly rediscover the things that made me happy: A walk in the park, hand in hand with my husband. Chasing rainbows, as they signify a healthy baby after a loss. The frolicking of butterflies in spring, as they reminded me of my daughter. An afternoon spent with family, coffee and of course, cake. Appreciate the colours of the sunset in silence. A rainy afternoon with some yarn and friends playing, on repeat. With time, that raw and sharp pain of grief fades.


The sun started shining again. Over the course of the next years, we were blessed with two precious rainbow babies. They are our absolute everything. They bring us a joy that is quite impossible to describe in mere words. They are exhausting and so immensely beautiful and rewarding. But slowly, this busy life we live tends to distract our focus from those meaningful small things: a demanding career, the fight for success, a status we sometimes feel obliged to maintain in this social media age...

Don't get me wrong, I truly believe in building a career, being as successful as we can possibly be, and creating the best version of ourselves, I am trying to accomplish all those things. The key is to stay grounded through it all and find a balance in which we still take time to appreciate the small things, which is not easy at all.

That is exactly GYLLEN's message and that's why I felt such a connection. That infinity sign on my watch is a constant reminder that true happiness lies in moments we sometimes tend to underappreciated: the giggling of our kids while they chase one and other, the warmth of the sun on our face, a hug from a loved one, an unexpected thank you card from a friend, the smell of fresh cut grass, the joy that small acts of kindness can bring to our hearts.

Every time I check the time, I am reminded that we live a truly blessed life. I am reminded that our potential is limitless. Our memories are infinite. That everything is possible.

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Written by Laila B,. Belgium - @theglitterknitter

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