‘Being in the present is enough’ - An empowering story by Brittany

Have you ever thought if you could go turn back the hands of time that you would choose to do that one thing, or many things differently? As humans, we make mistakes and that’s natural. We all know the phrase, ‘You live and you learn’. Time teaches you a lot about yourself as you may stumble or fall along the way. It’s the choice to get back up, and try again even if you have uncertainties, guilt, or fear.

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Looking back on our past selves, we may think that if we could have done this or that, things would be so much better now. But, how do you know that? Isn’t it much more fulfilling recognizing that your past actually taught you something that you can take with you today and in the future?

There are many times I look back in time wishing I spent a little more time with my Grandma by taking her on just one more errand, just one more lunch, or sitting down with her one more time to talk about how she spent her day cleaning and baking friendship or zucchini bread (thanks to her, I am still obsessed with zucchini to this day); spending quality time... listening to each other talk or sitting in silence knowing our presence is enough. Taking in all this precious time ... together.

But what is time? Time is full of moments that you can remember and cherish for a lifetime. I remember when my Grandpa and Grandma used to joke around with each other in the car at a stoplight, and I was in the backseat; watching Grandpa tickle Grandma’s knees and her playfully swatting his hands away. Or, the several times Grandpa and I would go on car rides together blasting only the best Neil Diamond and Simon & Garfunkel tunes - singing at the top of our lungs —

“Sweet, Caroline good times never seemed so good. I’d be inclined to believe they never would ... so good, so good! 🎶”


“Oh, Cecilia, you’re breaking my heart, you’re shaking my confidence daily... 🎶”


“Here’s to you Mrs. Robinson, heaven holds a place for those who pray hey hey hey.... 🎶”

Those are the moments in time I cherish. The good times. The times that feel so light, yet wholeheartedly warming. I know my grandparents are still with me today, so there is no need to turn the hands of time. The infinity ♾ sign on my Gyllen watch reminds me that moments are infinite and these memories.... well, they are ones I will hold onto forever.

Until we meet again 💜

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Written by Brittany B,. USA - @beeverybrittany 🇺🇸