∞ The Strength GYLLEN Watches Gives Me

To me, the GYLLEN watch is more than just an elegant watch. It helps me think positively and to continue fighting no matter how hard or difficult life becomes.

There’s always a chance to move on and become stronger.

The infinity sign that looks like an 8 on the watch constantly reminds me of life's endless possibilities.


I have fought with social phobia and involuntary shakes since I went to primary school in 6th grade and today I’m 26 years old. About one year ago I was told about my diagnosis called Cervical Dystonia: Torticollis with Dystonic Head Tremor (involuntary shakes and head twitching), an incurable neurological disorder that affects the central nervous system, in my case, the muscles of the neck. This causes the muscles to get stuck in abnormal positions, which are usually very painful.

A long time before I got the right diagnosis I had always wondered what was wrong. I searched for care and answers from many doctors without any results. I was often sent to the psychologist to treat my social phobia (they always thought the cause of the shaking was nervousness), but that was not the case.


When I got diagnosed the palette fell down and during this long time I had deteriorated self-confidence, depression and social phobia, which is very common in people who have Cervical Dystonia, which still remains in me today.

This led me to struggle with everyday activities such as going by bus, going shopping, having dinners outside, dare to find a job, basically all general social activities.


After a long time, I have started to get used to my disorder and finally accepted that its part of me. Acceptance allows me to succeed day by day with my life.

This is something I do for myself, to feel good and to show to my son and everyone else who suffers from this disease that you should not be ashamed.

That you can cope with everything if you only put your mind to it and that’s exactly why the GYLLEN watch gives me strength.


Every time I look down on my watch, it makes me want to fight further and think positively about it all, as the messages it gives me are infinite possibilities and unlimited potential. That nothing is impossible.

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Written by Matilda R,. Sweden - @rosenholtz1