∞ Make a Wish. Create Memories, Because Life is Full of Infinite Possibilities

I remember watches from the time when I was a little girl. Grandpa's pocket watch that always was in his waistcoat pocket and a small round vintage watch on his wrists that smelled like roses worn by my grandmother.

I remember the image of my aunt, which unfortunately is no longer with us. She was an architect, and her appearance was characterized by minimalism, but the thing she always wore was a watch around her wrist. I remember asking her why she always wears a watch? She answered because it was part of her... Part of her... I wondered how could it be part of her?


As I grew up, the watches were changing on my wrist, from the one with Disney characters to the more serious, more feminine, the classy ones...

Through life, I realized that watches are witnesses to our everyday lives, happy and less happy moments. They are here to help us to skip unwanted moments of silence...


The watches testified to my first falling in love, the first kiss, laugh, celebrating my graduation, my first job...

The watch was a witness of tears on the day when my dad was hit by the car... At that moment, in addition to indescribable sadness and fear, I had the feeling that someone put a 100kg weight on my chest... The hospital doctor gave us his personal stuff, there was his watch. The watch he wore on his wrist did not stop, did not break... I was numb, and at the same time that detail, the watch that still works, breathes and live, gave me hope and strength to fight and faith that dad will recover... Dad is healed today. He spends his free time walking with his best friend, his dog, wearing the same watch that gave me faith in better tomorrow...


Now in my late 30's I understand my aunt's words that the watch is part of her... And my watch is part of me, my silent friend, who remembers me daily, to live my life fully, fearlessly and to create memories that I will remember forever... So the next time when you see that the hour and minute hands on your watch are one over the other, just close your eyes and make a wish, because life is full of infinite possibilities.

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Written by Darja M,. Bosnia & Herzegovina - @darja32 🇧🇦